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I'm a Mainer, turned Seattleite, who then ventured into NYC. After 6 years of exploring I’ve finally come home to Maine.

You can learn more about me, Jennifer MacDonald, here: http://bit.ly/rkurJT
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Social Media News: Google+ super-sized, Facebook ROI, Yelp Reviews matter, #FirstTweet and #Whaling 

This week I’ve got tons of fun stuff for you, and some weird stuff. The best part is that I’m bringing it to you in Cartoon format! What do you think?

Google+ is now following the Facebook trend by showcasing bigger photos in status updates on Google+. This is a great opportunity for you to share those awesome photos of your products/services. 

Facebook advertising is really kissing up to advertisers; you can now use conversion tracking on your promoted posts not just ads. This way you can really track the ROI of your advertising efforts. 

I was granted access to LinkedIn’s new publishing feature yesterday and I fell in love. The functionality mirrors most blogging platforms and it is super user friendly. I suggest you give it a try.

Yahoo is now going to be pulling in Yelp reviews about a business alongside search results for that business in Yahoo. Are you monitoring your company’s reviews on Yelp?

Any chance you remember the first tweet you sent when you joined Twitter? I was scared to think about it but I used Twitter’s new discovery tool, #FirstTweet, and I actually impressed myself with what I had first composed back in 2009. Let me know what your first tweet was.

Are you one of the ones who is #Whaling? Yeah, me either but it’s a new trend on Vine. All you have to do is move your body like a whale, check it out!

Any big plans this weekend? Make sure you share photos with me on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or Facebook. I’d love to see them!

Social Media News: Facebook redesign. Video Ads are here, no more newspaper concept & where are the custom tabs 

This week’s Social Media Recap has three updates for those of you who are an admin of a Facebook Business Page.

Facebook’s Video Ads have now debuted to select advertisers. The 15 second video ads will auto play in a user’s newsfeed. Tip: Make sure those videos are informative and not pitching your company or you’ll be immediately be “unliked” by your followers. 

Facebook’s new layout kills the newspaper concept. Do you remember last year when Facebook released seven ways to filter your newsfeed? You could click on Photos, Pages, Friends, etc. That filter concept has gone away with the new layout for desktop & mobile. 

Facebook’s new Business Page Layout is a magician, as they have made the custom tabs disappear. However, they have ramped up a new feature for Business pages, which is their “Pages to Watch" feature and now there are even more statistics for you to analyze about your competitors.

Did I miss any big updates this week?

Social Media Recap: More brand exposure on Facebook, LinkedIn additions, and Swayy 

This week’s Social Media Recap includes two updates from Facebook, one from LinkedIn and a cool new app for curating content.

Facebook released a new look to their newsfeed Thursday in an effort to make your mobile and desktop experience look more uniform. Also, Facebook is now showing posts you share on your Facebook Business page, that tag another business page, to people who like the business page you tagged but don’t like you! (say that three times fast)

LinkedIn has not just revamped but turbocharged their “who’s viewed your profile" feature. They’ve added personalized tips telling you what actions you can take to increase views of your profile. 

BONUS: I discovered a cool new app this week called Swayy, which helps you share content that your followers are interested in. 

What did you discover this week regarding social media?

Designer Glasses for Women with a Kick

Glasses are an item we wear everyday but we rarely consider our frames when we decide what to wear for the day. The process of finding the perfect pair is not easy, and is often put off. All of that has changed with the launch of Rivet and Sway. They have created several collections of stylish glasses strictly for women. They also provide a free consultation with a stylist to help you pick the perfect frames based on Frame Size, Face Shape, and Color.

If you have a narrow, heart shaped face like me then the 3 frames above will work great with your features. The best part of Rivet and Sway is that you can try on 5 pairs of frames, at home, for free! 

Visit RivetandSway today and if you find a pair you like make sure to use code JENNIMAC at checkout for 10% off. Then tweet me a pic when they arrive in your mailbox!

Ladies, your glasses are an accessory to your wardrobe just as much as your purse is. Why only own one pair?

Try 5 pairs of frames on at home + receive a consultation with a stylist to fit the frames to your face + a swanky case=it’s all FREE!

BONUS: Use code JENNIMAC for 10% off your order. Visit RivetandSway.com today!

Social Media News: Google+ shares your Analytics, Facebook CTAs, LinkedIn Publishing and #Hashtags4Life 

This week’s Social Media Recap is focused on Google. They’ve made it much easier for you to access your Google Analytics for your website. Now you can see the data that reflects traffic to your website right in your Google+ Dashboard. #Awesome!

Facebook is now helping you track your marketing efforts easier by letting you add Calls to Action in your Page posts. However, you either need to be an Advertiser or use the Power Editor plug-in.

Facebook has also added more targeting options to their advertising product this week, and there’s definitely a huge opportunity there. You can now target users by Job Title. 

LinkedIn Pulse is no longer only for journalists, or celebrities who have a million followers. Everyone will soon be able to publish to the platform and broadcast their content.

My #GeekItOut session is focused on a new app that replaces a ringtone with a scent, check out Scentee to learn more. Also, check out http://andtheniwaslike.co/ if you like animated GIFs.

Did you enjoy my take on Jimmy Fallon’s #Hashtag2 video?

No more “like this” on Facebook & Pinterest wants to be your Valentine 

This week’s Social Media Recap is all about LOVE! So, grab that friend, co-worker, or special someone and click play!

Instagram has printed a book for Brands on to learn how they can be more successful using the Social Network. Unfortunately, you cannot obtain a copy unless you are currently advertising on Instagram. Bummer, but there is one resource you can use.

Facebook is now penalizing Pages in a different way. Those “like this” post if…. updates are going to be devalued in Facebook’s Edgerank.

Did you totally forget to get a Valentine’s Day card for that friend, sister, mom or significant other? No need to fear, Pinterest is here!

Do you enjoy seeing all of the bouquets of flowers online or do you wish today didn’t exist?

My blog turned 3 today! This is a huge milestone for me, and even though I started guest blogging before I launched my own blog, this means that I have been creating content for three years. For those of you who create content on a monthly/weekly/daily basis you know what that means. Wow.

I immediately thought back to how my writing style/skill was three years ago, and I am so happy because I can see the transformation and how far I’ve come.

What have I learned after three years of blogging? Just get started! You need to start somewhere and don’t worry if you’re not a great writer, practice makes perfect. Remember, it’s a blog not the bible!

Thank you to all of you who have visited my blog & shared your thoughts with me. It means the world to have an audience who appreciates reading my perspective, thoughts and predictions. Here’s to the next three years!

YouTube helps you fight spam, Look Back video edits, Paper launched, Cat lovers unite & more

This week’s Social Media Recap has a few fun facts for you to digest over the weekend. 

If you’ve been seeing spam activity on your YouTube channel you’ll be happy to know that it will soon disappear. YouTube will now be conducting audits to remove spam activity that appears in your likes & comments.

Did you create your “look back" video on Facebook this week? If you didn’t like what you saw you will soon be able to change it.

I mentioned last week that Facebook launched a new app called Paper. The app was available for download this week and I’ve provided you with a quick review of the functionality in the app, and why there’s now a great opportunity for your Facebook Business Page.

For all you cat lovers there is some exciting news, make sure you click play to hear the details and to hear about the city you might want to visit next!

Lastly, today is Wear Red Day and as you can see I’m wearing Red to raise awareness about heart disease for women.

Did I miss any updates that happened this week on the Social Networks?

I now call TideSmart Global my new home 

Just in case you missed my recent LinkedIn profile update, I am now the Director of Digital Media at TideSmart Global. TideSmart Global is a collection of experiential marketing agencies located outside Portland, Maine and works with some of the biggest brands in the United States. The collection of agencies include EMG3, Promerica Health, Sumerian Sports & Entertainment, Viridescence, Ledgepoint Digital and TideSmart Logistics.  

What does my new role at TideSmart Global include? 
1. Build a digital presence for TideSmart Global online
2. Lead the redesign of TideSmart.com
3. Consult with clients on Digital Marketing Strategies & Trends
4. Help develop their new marketing platform 

For those of you who know me, you know that I love all of those things. I am very excited to take a brand which has a very small presence online and transform it into a digital powerhouse. Additionally, I am also very excited to continue to have the opportunity to work with large, national brands and their marketing strategies. 

If you remember I gave my last update three months ago, which focused on my move back to Maine to be closer to my family, and to be able to enjoy the things I love more often. I can honestly say that I have been successful with my goal in this transition and I have absolutely no regrets.

That’s what’s going on with me, what’s going on with you?

Learn more about Experiential Marketing & TideSmart Global:
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

Pinterest shows you the content you want to see, and Facebook wants their new app to be your #1 news source

This week’s Social Media is tailored towards ecommerce. Pinterest has launched “Interests" and with that they’ve given you one more way to sell your products online.

Today, Facebook announced that on February 3rd you will be able to download their new iOS app, which is a curated visual news reader. You’ll have to watch the video to learn more about what this means.

Did I forget any big news this week in regards to your favorite social networks?

Pinterest Recipes, Facebook Business Page No-Nos & a new content sharing app

This week’s Social Media Recap is full of fun & need to know information. Pinterest now includes a way to search their site by Recipe type

Facebook is now going after Business Page admins to share media, not just text.

LinkedIn has joined the content app world this week and launched a new app.

Click play to hear all about each new feature.

What did you learn this week?

Facebook donations are here, Twitter wants to see your photos & Vine moves to the desktop

The time has come; the first Social Media Recap of 2014 is here! It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve provided you with updates so I’ve included those that occurred more than more than just seven days ago.

Now when you compose a tweet your pictures will appear not the keyboard. I find this a little annoying but it’s a feature Google+ has been using for a while now. Change is inevitable I guess.

Facebook has made it easier for charities to get exposure on their network. You can now make a donation to a charity without leaving your newsfeed. This is an awesome new feature, and one that I think all users will welcome.

Facebook has one more update this week; they have expanded their “Facebook WiFi program.” Now it is more cost effective for small business owners to participate in the program and they could reap big benefits by doing so, click play to learn how.

My favorite update of the week goes to Vine with the new web version of their mobile app, which allows full screen video play on a desktop.

What has been your favorite social media update of 2014 so far?

Twinkling GIFs, share private photos on Instagram, Google+ Ads & more 

Hey, Hey, it’s that time of the week - Social Media Recap time! This week is full of fun, new updates for you and your business. 

Foursquare is now letting all businesses sign up for Foursquare ads, and they have updated their iOS app with a cool, new look. Go download it today.

Google+ keeps getting better and more attractive for brands. They rolled out their new +Post Ads to a select few this week. Brands will soon be able to “sponsor” their Google+ updates. 

Have you noticed any images on Google+ that have beautiful snow falling in the foreground? Here is another reason to love Google+, and it’s called “Auto Awesome.” The Auto Awesome feature is turning your photos that feature snow into an interactive winter wonderland. Check out how they made my photo automatically “awesome.” http://bit.ly/1bD2t90

The coolest update this week goes to Instagram with their new Instagram Direct. You can now send private photos & videos to people who follow you. However, you can reach out to someone who doesn’t follow you. You can send them a pending request to view your private content. This is absolutely awesome and a huge opportunity for brands to reach out to their followers.

What did you discover this week?

Facebook has altered EdgeRank again & you can now eat your Instagram photos 

You are in for a treat today. This week’s Social Media recap includes some great news for those of you who manage a Facebook Business page. Facebook is now placing higher importance/ranking on links to quality articles in the newsfeed, YEAH! 

Facebook is replacing the “hide all” button with “unfollow,” this was previously used to remain Facebook friends with someone but not see their status updates. Additionally, you might start seeing much older articles from your Facebook friends in your newsfeed due to changes in Story Bumping.

The time has come; you can now eat your Instagram photos by having them printed on marshmallows. ‘Tis the season! I don’t know about you but that would be a pretty cool and creative gift to receive. 

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you tweet/post pictures of that amazing turkey you cooked?